Our Little Corner of the World

It seems that everyone has an opinion about the economy. Whenever I talk to people or watch TV, someone is always talking about the world, US, state or local ecomony. With election season coming around, this talk has gotten even louder than it was before.

When someone asks us about our economy in Garden City, we just smile and say, ‘it’s fine’ because we are in our own little world out here in southwest Kansas.

It is true that we live in an Ag based economy. We love our cattle, wheat and corn, but we’re more than simply agriculture. People in our area have an extremely strong work ethic and we pride ourselves on being able to accomplish something with the work that we do.

We try to instill in our children that the world does not owe us a living. When you live in an Ag based area surrounded by cattle, crops and Mother Nature, you quickly realize that life is not always fair and you can’t win every battle you enter. We try to let our children know that, with a little work and a whole lot of perseverance, there are tremendous opportunities in our little corner of the world.

Now you put all of these strengths together and you have created a little corner of the world that has a strong economy, where people support one another and appreciate the work that each other have put into making their way. We may be small and few out here in our little corner of the world, but collectively we have been able to build an economy that will sustain as long as we hold on to those collective values we learned when we were younger.

Martin Nusser is the Commercial Broker at Coldwell Banker, The Real Estate Shoppe, Inc. in Garden City, Kansas. Be a Fan of Coldwell Banker, The Real Estate Shoppe, Inc. on Facebook! Martin can be reached at mnusser@gcnet.com or log on to their website at http://www.gccoldwellbanker.com


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