What is Economic Development?

What is economic development?  I often travel around the country to different marketing sessions and meetings with Brokers focusing on commercial real estate.  I attend City meetings and often visit with City and County commissioners.  No matter where I go, I find that everyone I talk to has a different idea about what Economic Development is, how it should evolve and what results we should expect from the process.

So I ask again, what IS Economic Development? Is it an Industrial Development that will bring Jobs and other related businesses to the area? Is it the development of Retail Centers that bring in shoppers to the City and expand our Trade Area? Is it development of the older central business areas that get developed into niche retail, professional office space and loft living that brings in the need for restaurants. Or is it Quality of Life. In the end, all of these things accomplish something everyone wants, which is JOBS.  Yes we all want to create Jobs for Garden City and congratulate each other for delivering Economic Development.

But Jobs are only as important as the people we bring into Garden City. We as a community need to provide an inviting atmosphere where people coming into the community have things to occupy their time.  We must work to be a place where businesses don’t just provide Jobs but actively improve the community so that Garden City becomes a place to raise a family and call Home.

It’s my thinking that if we can accomplish this, we as a community will provide the needed fuel to continue to grow and expand the City that we call Home.

Martin Nusser is the Commercial Real Estate Broker at Coldwell Banker, The Real Estate Shoppe, Inc.  in Garden City, KS. and husband to Judy Nusser. Be a Fan of Coldwell Banker, The Real Estate Shoppe, Inc on Facebook.  Martin can be reached at mnusser@gcnet.com  or you can log on to their website, www.gccoldwellbanker.com.


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