New Beginnings!

“I want someone who has established themselves as a part of the community, someone who I can rely on that I know will be a strong part of the community after I’ve purchased my home or business.  I’m looking for someone who is not interested in profit.  I want someone who is looking out for me and my family.  I want someone who’s concerned with helping me find a property that will fit our family… not just someone who is just looking to make a sale. I also want someone who will come by and make sure that I’m happy after I’ve purchased the property.  I want someone who’s willing to follow up.  I want someone who will be with me for the long haul.  I want someone who will help me secure properties that will meet not only my needs, but the needs of my family as we grow and become entrenched in this community.”

– Detective Clint Brock, Garden City Police Department

I talked to Det. Brock earlier this week and it got me to thinking about what we, as representatives of our community need to do to improve our relationships with our clients. We know that there are those of you who need to get your property to ready to sell, and spring time is a great time to begin thinking about that process.  But there are also those of you who want something special,  something different; you want something or someone that you can connect with, and that’s why we’re in business.  Not only do we want to welcome you to this community, we want to assist you in making your property reach its true potential.

Let’s look at how we can accomplish that very goal:

  • Spruce up your yard and exterior
    • Paint:  Few things will enhance your property like painting the outside. Before
      painting, make sure that you scrape or water-blast any blistered or peeling
      paint; repair gutters and downspouts; and replace wood showing dry rot.  Wood, trimwork gutter and wrought iron should receive primary attention.
  • Front Entry
    • Give special care to this area.  This is where buyers get their 1st opportunity to make a close inspection, and they will pick it apart looking for flaws, so go ahead and eliminate them. All woodwork should be freshly painted, including the door.  Repaint your mailbox.  Put out a new or clean door mat.  Do a thorough weeding and pruning job on any flower beds near the entry and try to have some flowering plants growing.
  • Spruce up the yard
    • Mow and trim the lawn.  Weed your flowerbeds:  remove or replace dead plants or trees.  Water regularly during the growing season.  With desert landscaping, make sure that no underlying plastic is exposed, that rocks and sand are tidy, and that weeds and grass are removed.
  • Driveway, Garage/Carport
    • Clean up grease or oil spots:  remove soil at least, if not the stain.  See that the garage door opens freely and that the automatic door opener works properly.  If possible, don’t park your car in the front of the house or in thedriveway.  Derelict or cars that are being overhauled should not be visible from the street and preferably should
      not even be present.
  • Fence
    • A few missing stakes or slates are real eyesoresto anyone passing by.  These are usuallyrelatively easy and inexpensive to fix. Repair, paint, or stain as necessary.
  • Roof
    • Remove visible debris or toys.  Remove any tree branches bearing on the roof.
  • Air Conditioners
    • Repair or replace any rusted exposed metal.  Correct improper draining.
  • Patio
    • A nice spread of outdoor furniture looks veryappealing.  Take the time to make the
      investment in such products.
  • Windows
    • Repair or replace torn or bent screens.  Replace any cracked or broken panes.  Also, notice foliage near the windows.  Drapery rods, if present, should be affixed firmly to the walls and work smoothly or be removed.  Draperies should be clean and hang properly.
  • Doors
    • Repair or replace doors with holes.  Check to see that all doors open and close
      freely and latch, including closet doors and patio or sliding glass doors.
  • Walls
    • As with exterior, painting will pay dividends out of all proportion to the time and effort spent.  Wallpaper should be clean and adhere smoothly to the walls or be removed.  Patch all major holes in wallboard and plaster. Loose handrails and stairways should be secured to walls.  Clean or paint air-vent covers.
  • Floors
    • Repair or replace missing or damaged pieces of tile:  polish if needed.  Repair loose stair dread-plates or loose carpeting on your stairway.  This is a top priority….for showing and for safety!
  • Carpet
    • Make sure to steam clean your carpet as it is you best option for fixing a soiled carpet. Shampooing seldom does the job. If pet orders are present, be sure to clean the carpet or replace the carpet.  Loose carpet should be anchored properly.
  • Bathrooms
    • Few places in the home can get so dirty so fast, and yet few things will unsell a house as fast as dirty bathrooms.  Vanity, sink, faucet hardware, and mirror are the focal points, but other potential problems might be soap reside in a shower, a moldy shower curtain, accumulated dirt in the track of a sliding shower door, soiled or missing grout, stained toilet bowls, and dirty or battered bathmats.
  • Kitchen
    • Like baths, kitchens get dirty all by themselves.  Most people will inspect
      this area carefully, so extra time invested here is well spent.  Clean the stove inside and out.  Replace badly stained or corroded reflector plates under the heating elements on electric range tops.  Don’t neglect the kitchen exhaust hood:  people frequently check this area as a clue of general housekeeping.
  • Windows
    • Clean windows are an absolute necessity if a house is to look its best, yet they are often overlooked.
  • Water heater or softener
    • Perhaps it is so unusual, a sparkling clean water heater or water softener really impresses buyers or visitors to your home.  It is something that adds value to
      your home and takes very little time.

These are just a few ideas that you may want to think about this spring.  This is the very best time
to begin thinking about the things that can add value to your home for little additional investment.  Next month we will begin introducing you to our staff. These people can assist you in improving the value of your propertywhile also serving as valuable resources.

Judy Nusser has over 30 years of experience in the realestate industry.  She is one of the most
successful Realtors and one of the most astute business women in Finney County.  She can be reached at or visit her website at for
more information.


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