Time For A Change!

Every year during this time, Marty and I sit down to figure out what’s been working for our company over the last year.  We discuss how effective our marketing tactics have been during the year, how our services have been able to help people realize their dreams and evaluate how we can improve what we’re doing.  I find that this gives us a real opportunity to conduct a true analysis, not only of our business, but of the role we play in the lives of the people we serve, we respect, and about whom we genuinely care.

I feel like this last year has been incredibly productive.  You see, I feel like we’re a most progressive company.

  • We were the first real estate company in our region to fully integrate multiple social media technologies into our marketing portfolio.  (We were even asked to present to our peers in Kansas City what we’ve been able to accomplish!)
  • We’ve slowly begun to move away from so much print advertising, and are always looking for ways to stay on the cutting edge of the real estate business.  In fact, we’ve tried to move away from advertising what we do and to communicate why we do it……..because we care!
  • We want to put the focus on the people that make Garden City, where we feel, is the best place to live in the entire world!  And we were able to do that with “Our Town” (if you haven’t seen these, check them out on our Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Coldwell-Banker-The-Real-Estate-Shoppe-Inc/110216271393).
  • We’ve started actively recruiting new agents to be a part of our growing business.
  • Along with that, we’ve continued to focus our attention on our clients and customers as much as possible.

Wow – that brings me to my point!  We’re about inviting people to become a part of our business, because that’s what we’re all about.  We feel like we are innovators in our field and, luckily, we’re backed by a corporation in Coldwell Banker, that we have the resources we need to meet our clients’ and customers’ needs and make their real estate transactions as seamless as possible for them.  We realize that our agency is not for everyone; we wouldn’t expect that from anyone.  But we do think that, if you value things like innovation, attention and expertise you should really think about how we can help you be the best in the business!

Thanks again for reading.  We wish you all a Happy New year!

Judy Nusser is the Managing Broker at Coldwell Banker, The Real Estate Shoppe, Inc.  in Garden City, KS.  Be a Fan of the Real Estate Shoppe on Facebook.  Judy can be reached at jnusser@gcnet.com or you can log on to their website, www.gccoldwellbanker.com.


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