Introducing “Our Town”!!

Anytime a Realtor® is working with clients who are new to the community, it’s important to understand that you are the face of your community.  Our agents at the Real Estate Shoppe understand that, as a representative of the community, it is important to talk to our clients to really understand their situation.  What brought them to Garden City?  Where are they going to work?  Where do they want to live? We want to be more than just our client’s real estate agent, we want to be their first friend. 

Now, I really think that friends should support one another.  That’s why we’re going to begin a new feature on the Blog as well as on YouTube called, “Our Town”.  We’re going to be selecting businesses and events around    Garden City and the surrounding area and we’re going to come in and film you doing what you do best; because that’s what friends do, we support each other.  Each Monday, we’ll take you into some of the best businesses and to the best events in the community so that you can see what Garden City’s all about. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am that we’re getting ready to do this project!  So check back on YouTube each Monday to see which businesses will be sharing their world with us!


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