Last time we talked, we focused on how The Real Estate Shoppe, Inc. has gone high tech.  We’ve begun dabbling in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and WordPress not simply because we’re looking to expand the number of people we’re talking to about real estate, but also because we believe that it is really important to expand our skills and the services we offer to get our clients the best possible return on their investment.

If you look at the paper, the internet, or even just around the community, you will see that The Real Estate Shoppe, Inc. does not have a particularly high inventory right now. Have you ever wondered why that is? I know I have. So I did some research and have come to the conclusion that it’s because we have some of the very best agents working in the Southwest Kansas real estate market today.  The next time you receive a copy of the Saturday edition of the Garden City Telegram, I would like you to take a look at the real estate listings.  There’s a pretty good chance that at least one of our listings appearing in that edition of the paper will have been sold before we even run our advertisement.  Now, I don’t tell you that to brag, quite the contrary actually; I wish that we were able to have entire pages of listings.  I tell you this because when people allow our agents to represent their interests and market their property, the job gets done pretty quickly.  This happens because when people choose The Real Estate Shoppe, Inc., they know that our agents have the tools and the network necessary to effectively market properties.  The best thing about all of our new tools is the fact that now these services (and our expertise) are available to you no matter where you are.

Think about the services that are offered by your run-of-the-mill agency.  Sure, they have great people who will do everything they can to make sure that your property is being marketed effectively.  They will be able to run advertisements in the local paper.  They will be able to submit your property to the MLS service so that people will be able to find it on the Web.  They may even have the ability to show your property on Facebook.  But ask yourself this, do they have the ability, the expertise, and the proven track record of maximizing your investment?  Often times companies have the ability to do one or two things well.  At The Real Estate Shoppe, Inc., we make it our business to do a lot of things well.  Well enough to make sure that our clients list with us because it gives them the peace of mind they need when making one of the most important financial decisions of their life.  Please remember that the next time your are either in the market to buy a property or to sell your property.

Judy Nusser is the Managing Broker at Coldwell Banker, The Real Estate Shoppe, Inc. in Garden City, KS.  Be a Fan of The Real Estate Shoppe on Facebook.  Judy can be reached at jnusser@gcnet.com or you can log on to their website, www.gccoldwellbanker.com.


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